Whitebox Photobooths

We Make People Happy & Parties Awesome!


    You'll get to keep the booth the entire day of the event. We'll drop off the booth at your event's location and come pick it up at your convenience, either at the end of your event or the next day.

  • Unlimited Printouts

    Your guests will get as many prints as they can manage. Also, you'll work with our designer to make your prints completely custom to your event.

  • Props, props, props

    We provide fun props, and will even take reasonable requests for custom props. Take a look at the sample images to see some of our many fun items!

  • Every single picture

    We'll hand you a USB drive with a digital copy of each photograph. We will also upload all of the event's pictures to our Facebook page for easy sharing to Facebook or Instagram, with your permission of course.

"Whitebox is incredibly fun and original. It's easy to use and the results are great. Truly a unique thing for any party or event."
"Whitebox was so much fun to use and I love having a memory of the event through the photobooth photos."
"Formal pictures are great but the spontaneous pictures from Whitebox really revealed our guest's personalities."
"Whitebox Photobooths made what could have been a dull art reception into an exciting event where our guests were participants instead of just on-lookers."
"I LOVED having Whitebox Photobooths at my wedding! Wonderful prices! My guests loved it and so did I! I'm so glad I had them to help with my special day!!"
"The folks at Whitebox Photobooths were a breeze to work with and had everything up and running without a hitch for my wedding."

You can also contact us directly at 615.398.9272 or by email